The fact that humanity can relate to God at all is amazing. God is so big, and we are so small. During my stay in Switzerland, I attempted to observe this relationship in the context of Swiss culture. I realized that although the people of Switzerland have specific quirks and qualities that make them Swiss, they are still just as broken as the rest of humanity. My intention for this body of work is to abstract the broken relational gap between God and man, through close-up, macro photography of shattered glass. The images in this series will be an attempt to speak to the beauty that exists in the minute detail of brokenness, whether that is through the bright color, the reflections of light, or simply the structure of the broken glass. The photographs are intended to use intersections of cracks and breaks in glass as a symbol for the relational intersection that occurs between God and man. This relationship is definitely broken, but I believe that God finds beauty in brokenness and uses it for His glory. My hope is that those who view this work will examine their relationships with God and come to their own conclusions about the meaning behind each image.

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